Nano Fund

Nano Fund is a professional financial institution in the field of development, finance, and enable the high-tech businesses especially nanotechnology, which is established in 2012. Read More

Cooperation and international projects

Market and Product development and contribution to commercialize enterprises

One of the main services of Nano Fund is contributing active enterprises in the field of technology to develop their market and product. Nano Fund as a financial and management broker of “Iran lab Exhibition” and according to its connection to the network of sell and distribution of approximately 600 active technological enterprises in the area of lab equipment contributes to the market development and the technological products.

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Venture Capital

The goal of Nano Fund for venture capital investment is entering to the criteria which have great potential for development and growth. Because of high risk and lack of financial and management resources, usually new ventures don’t have the possibility of self-development. Thus the Nano Fund strategy for entering to these enterprises is investing as a shareholder of them. We also have the crystal clear exit strategy for these projects. Nano Fund already invests in a couple of projects including: Nano mask production with electro spinner and producing high-tech medicine.

Cooperation and international projects

According to Nano Fund mission and its determined objects and our comparative advantages in connection with expanded sell and lab equipment distribution network, we have been co-operating in international projects. These activities occurs in different areas such as exporting lab equipment specifically oil lubricants, exchanging Nano and Bio Knowledge and experience, attending in international exhibitions and events and hosting business and science board of foreign countries.

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Micro Financing

One of the activity areas of Nano Fund is providing credit for small businesses by micro-financing. Nano Fund seeks to Finance and cooperate with small businesses by different ways such as: soft loan, investment in interesting projects and businesses, part of firms ownership as a shareholder and ….

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