Nano Fund Strategy And Introduction

Nano Fund

Nano Fund is a professional financial institution in the field of development, finance, and enable the high-tech businesses especially nanotechnology, which is established in 2012.


The main mission of Nano Fund is developing cooperation and investment in tech projects. This Cooperation and investment occur in terms of commercializing high- tech and innovative proposals. We finance enterprises from different ways such as venture capital (VC), micro financing, and other new financing methods. Furthermore providing the business opportunity in the field of high-tech and lab equipment has been always one of the important missions of Nano Fund.


According to knowledge, experience and advantage of Nano fund in supplying lab equipment and accessing to innovative enterprises database, Nano Fund would be a pleasure to have mutual cooperation in the fields of industry, technology, laboratory, petroleum and petrochemical and medicine equipment. Therefore we invite all related international enterprises for mutual cooperation in interested areas.


  • Mutual cooperation in comparative advantages areas.
  • Exchanging knowledge and experience in different advanced technology areas with foreign institutions.