Market And Product Development

Market And Product Development And Contribution To Commercialize Enterprises

One of the main services of Nano Fund is contributing active enterprises in the field of technology to develop their market and product. Nano Fund as a financial and management broker of “Iran lab Exhibition” and according to its connection to the network of sell and distribution of approximately 600 active technological enterprises in the area of lab equipment contributes to the market development and the technological products. Services and actives present in Nano Fund such as:
buying and selling lab equipment, signing contract, management services, technical supervision, backup and post-sale services and… .Reducing transaction cost, reducing intermediary cost, and applying economic scale by major shopping of equipment and selling with lower market price, are the important goals of Nano Fund in the area of market development.
Nano Fund is also cooperating with “Tech Export Services Corridor” in the field of high-tech development and export to different countries such as South Africa, Australia, Germany, Spain and also attending to international pavilions and hosting international boards. Furthermore Nano Fund in mutual cooperation with “ Tech Export Services Corridor” and “Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council” provide services in the area of international marketing and commercializing knowledge- based products such as enabling the ability of marketing, introducing foreign business opportunities and introducing enterprise market status.

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