Cooperation And International Projects

Cooperation and international projects

According to Nano Fund mission and its determined objects and our comparative advantages in connection with expanded sell and lab equipment distribution network, we have been co-operating in international projects. These activities occurs in different areas such as exporting lab equipment specifically oil lubricants, exchanging Nano and Bio Knowledge and experience, attending in international exhibitions and events and hosting business and science board of foreign countries.
The project of “Designing and setting up of fully pledged Petroleum and Lubricants testing Laboratory in industrial technology institute of Sri Lanka” is an excellent example of this kind of cooperation. The main feature of this project is the uniqueness of action model, the supply of equipment with competitive price and international standards satisfactory and also post sale services and supports.
In addition Nano Fund have been involved in the “Tech cooperation projects between Iran and BLRS” by identifying internal potentials, enabling and designing market development model in order to export to BLRS.
Nano Fund is also interested in cooperating and investing in related international projects.

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